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so i walk around campus everyday and i see all these posters about the one campaign and i see everyone wearing those bracelets for the one campaign, and i hear we're winning the campus challenge and i just don't know what's up. finally i get an email saying "Jeff has invited you to join the campus challenge" so i check it out. it's all about helping poverty. in january, when they start phase 2, representatives from the top 100 schools will be sent to DC for a three-day conference. in february, for phase 3, ONE will present the top 10 schools with a grant to fund a poverty-fighting program. and the winner will eventually get recognized in some way. so it sounds interesting. i figure i can check it out, help out my school. i look at the standings. CofC is actually ranked second now, only 4,000 point away from hofstra which is number one, and 30,000 points ahead of third. so i figure i can help out some. and i hope we win!! =] check it out at


go. join. have ... fun? well, you can have fun writing a link in public places. that HAS to be fun!!

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friends cut

did a friends cut. anyone who doesn't post i took off cause i hate having people on my list when they don't even look at my journal probably. but i left everyone that i talk to on a regular basis.

later lovers

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one word

describe me in one word - just one.

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one thousand!

i wanna get 1,000 comments.

you can comment about anything you want. it can be anonymous, or you can let me know who you are.

share a story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love, an opinion -- anything.

you yourself don't have to supply the whole 1,000 of course. just make it interesting!

later lovers
eat shit


this is my life. if you don't like it, too bad. this is my life, filled with my flaws & imperfections. filled with my lies & half-truths. filled with my depressing & uplifting thoughts. it contains my past & my hopes for the future. in every word is a piece of me.

think you know me? think again. my life is so caught up in covering the truth that i don't even know who i am. SO HOW COULD YOU?

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